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November 19, 2019
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How are you collaborating with your organization to design and implement your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns?

Are you accessing all of Facebook's plethora of tools to manage your online campaigns? Accessible via your Facebook Business Manager is a number of resources that can greatly improve the quality of your advertising campaigns AND the way that your group collaborates to design and manage them.

This past week, Facebook announced a few updates to better your organization's ad design process. Within Facebook's Creative Hub, you can now, as a group, compare your campaigns across multiple channels simultaneously and efficiently.

Specifically, you can now as a group:

  • See side-by-side previews of how your ad will look across every placement
  • Use the same updated features as Ads Manager
  • Switch back to the old Creative Hub any time

Not using Creative hub yet? Reach it while logged into Facebook here:

If you're only starting the Hub for the first time, Facebook will automatically launch an introductory wizard to walk you through some of the platform's benefits. You can also quickly toggle between tabs and features to view all of its functions.

What can you do within the Hub? Now, basically everything you can within Ads Manager itself and then export your work into the ads manager to begin running your ads.

Facebook describes its benefits:

  • Get Inspired. See creative ad examples across a range of ad formats, including Instagram Stories, Instant Experience and collection ads. Learn about ad specs and recommendations.

  • See ads through the eyes of your customers. Preview mockups on Facebook and Instagram. Test your ads on mobile to optimize for display and effectiveness.

  • Speed up the approval process. Show coworkers and clients exactly what an idea will look like on both desktop and mobile. You can also start a Creative Hub project so you and your team can collaborate on mockups.

  • Use the import link tool. It allows you to send completed mockups from Creative Hub to Ads Manager, our tool for running Facebook and Instagram ads. You won't need to send creative assets to media agencies or rebuild ads, making the process more efficient and reducing the chance of mistakes.

Why work collaboratively within the Hub and not just directly within Ads Manager? It depends on the project and the organization. An organization that has several collaborators and managers who approve and edit ads, may find working in the Hub to be more productive than screenshotting or glancing over your shoulders. 

Limiting access to the Ads Manager--which is linked to paid advertising--may also be beneficial and protective of budgets. An organization may want to limit those who can authorize billing for a particular project, but may want those very same collaborators to be able to edit design and copy for the ads.

It's an extremely practical feature that helps you refine your ad process. The mockup feature is the star of the Hub platform. Within the feature, designers and managers work together to perfect your ad campaigns, previewing the campaigns before launch.

The mockup feature allows groups to:

  • Share professional mockup previews: Send mockup previews that represent your business, not just you. The links you send will be shared from your business name, instead of your personal Facebook account.

  • Collaborate on mockups: Business users can organize mockups into projects for easy collaboration. Invite anyone on your team into a project, so that multiple people can work on a mockup together. File access also protects you in case a team member goes on sick leave or leaves your business.

  • Create video tests: The Creative Hub video testing tool lets you test up to five video ads to see how they engage audiences after 72 hours, spending US$400 for each video ad included.

If you're looking to optimize your Facebook Business Manager for your organization or to outsource its management to a capable firm, message us today. We have the experience and knowledge to make sure your organization is up to speed on all the latest Facebook Business Manager tools and features.

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