Facebook Expands Brand Collaboration Platform

January 18, 2020
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Are you eligible for Facebook Brand Collaborations on Facebook or Instagram? In December, Facebook announced that it will be expanding its coveted brand collab platform to select Instagram users.

What are Facebook Brand Collaborations? Most users are familiar with influencers collaborating with brands via direct messaging or even agents, but many still don't know that Facebook has ITS OWN platform for monetizing your account.

Similar to YouTube's model, the Collab Manager determines eligibility by followers, engagement, and other statistics about your account.

To access the Brand Collab Manager, visit this link: https://www.facebook.com/creators/tools/brand-collabs-manager.

Within the manager, there are several ways users can earn money. The main methods are via in-stream ads, brand collaborations, fan subscriptions, and monetization tools. 

In order to manage content, Facebook offers its collaborators a video ecosystem and the Facebook Creator Studio. The ecosystem focuses on guiding content development for groups, stickers, messenger, watch, Live, IGTV and premieres. 

To manage engagement, Facebook makes a groups link available. Within the link, users can learn tips and tools for utilizing groups within their monetization process.

It's quick and easy to monetize your page. Simply visit https://www.facebook.com/creators/tools/mta and Facebook will generate all the business pages you currently manage. Your eligibility will be instantaneous. 

Keep in mind that these tools are only available to pages and not to individual profiles. But if you're looking to turn your personal page into a business, it's not too late! You can convert your personal page to a brand page and transfer your connections to the new page.

In fact, Facebook recommends people who use their Facebook page for business convert to a business page. If you are using your Facebook page for business purposes, your personal page might even be paused. So, it may be time to start rethinking how you use your page.

If you're passionate about creating content for Facebook and Instagram, starting a page to monetize may be a good option for you! Facebook is constantly expanding its tools for creators to empower them to add valuable and useful content to its platform.

Originally, this Facebook Brand Collab Platform was restricted to Facebook users. Now, select Instagram users can start using the platform. Soon, its expected the platform will become available to all Instagram pages.

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