Google's New Shopping Platform Competing with Amazon

August 2, 2019
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Google just launched a new shopping platform that is positioned to compete with Amazon. The platform is characteristically Google-esque with a simple landing page that emphasizes the search features followed by sectioned departments.
In terms of aesthetics, the Google platform is far more attractive and user-friendly. The Amazon website, despite years of continuous upgrades, still has a  web 1.0 look, while the sleek new Google Platform looks entirely new down to its core infrastructure.
The simpler Google style is less busy than its Amazon counterpart which may be the result of fewer retailers integrated into their system. Right now, Target and Best Buy are the primary retailers promoting and selling their products via the site. 
In order to integrate your store with Google Shopping, you can apply via the Shopping Platform or via your merchant services account if you are already running Google Shopping Ads. Google directs interested retailers to their Shopping Actions site to learn more about becoming a featured retailer.
The new Google Shopping Experience uses machine learning to personalize a user's home page with recommendations for shopping. According to WordStream, the feature is derivative of Instagram and that makes it even more impactful as a platform:

By using machine learning to personalize users’ Shopping homepages, Google is effectively replicating the Instagram experience. In fact, they’re improving the Instagram experience. Google can use the data it collects not only to show users the brands and products they want to see, but also to predict the brands and products users may want to see. We’re no longer talking about a channel designed to simply capture commercial intent; we’re talking about a channel designed to inspire commercial intent. (Conor Bond, Wordstream, June 11 2019)

If you are already advertising using Google Shopping, you may already be linked to promoting your products on the new platform. Check with your ads manager, or contact Cote Media who can run a diagnostic on your Google Merchant Services Account.
If you are running any type of retail business that has inventory to sell online, now is the time to begin integrating with Amazon, E Bay and Google. Cote Media can link your inventory to all of the platforms to help you expand your reach and sell more products.
Coming later this year, Google will also allow shopping actions directly from Google Images and YouTube. 

Ready to start selling on Google? Contact Cote Media today! We can configure your merchant services account with Google to begin promoting your products immediately online. 

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