How Often Should I Be Posting Stories on Instagram or Facebook?

March 2, 2020
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If you're using Instagram or Facebook for business, you have probably asked yourself how often you should be posting stories. Some businesses are posting anywhere from 1- 7 or even more stories per day on Instagram. So how much should you be posting?

The answer is complicated and, of course, depends on your audience and industry. However, most social media sites recommend posting to stories anywhere from 1 time per day to 7.

"Instagram users have also proven their desire to engage with brands via disappearing content. More than half a billion people use Instagram Stories every day, and a third of the most-viewed Stories are posted by businesses," - HootSuite

The idea is to spread out your posts throughout the day, and not to post one long video breaking it up into 10 different segments. If you have to post a longer video and segment it, that's ok, but just don't make it routine!

Consistency is of utmost importance when posting. Make sure you are posting at similar times each day, and don't suddenly ghost your followers. It doesn't take long for your followers to find what you're not offering them from someone else online.

One of the best parts about posting stories is that followers expect minimal, unstaged content. They are looking for natural, spur-of-the-moment glimpses into your everyday life, not professional videos made in a Hollywood studio!

"Lately, Instagram Stories are where the real action is, with over 500 million users using Stories, per the company. While Instagram Stories may have been shamelessly aped from rival Snapchat, there’s no denying the appeal of the 24-hour, self-deleting images and videos." -

So if you are developing stories, feel free to make them with your phone and improvise. Don't worry as much about production quality with your stories. Your viewers consider them as a backstage pass of sorts. The main show is on the stage, your Instagram account. Your stories are the backstage feature.

If you do want to shoot several more professional stories, add them to your highlights and keep them on your page. But don't worry when posting daily stories as much!

An important aspect of stories is community, and one of the best ways to impart that to your followers is by tagging people, brands, and places in your stories. That also increases the chances your stories will be shared on their Instagram pages as well. 

"We conducted some research into how people are engaging with Instagram stories and found that posting between one to seven stories is best for keeping a high completion rate (over 70 percent)." -

Don't forget to use all of Instagram's tools and techniques to make your stories more attractive and interactive. You can add stickers or polls to your stories to help engage your followers. Countdowns are another effective tool to make your customers keep track of your special events such as sales or product releases.

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