I Want to Manage My Own Facebook & Instagram Business Manager -- How Can Cote Media Help Me?

March 1, 2020
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You're confident. You're savvy. You're smart.

You're one of those people who thinks, "In the time it takes for me to communicate what I need or want done to someone, I could have completed the task myself."

You take ownership of your business and staff.

You're an entrepreneur and you have a clear vision of your goals.

You understand your message AND your target audience.

You have a real understanding of your buyer personas.

You listen to your current customers, and you speak their language.

There's a specific lingo you speak in your industry and you know it best.

You understand the ins and outs of everything going on in your profession.

You have a real vision of your organization's look: colors, photography, video.

You're good with computers and managing programs.

You understand budgeting and auctions.

You're good with Excel and/or Google Sheets. CSV, you think, I totally understand what that means.

If you think you possess any of these qualities or even ALL of these qualities, you have probably thought to yourself, "I can manage my own Facebook Instagram Business Manager." In fact, maybe you already ARE managing your own Facebook Instagram Business Manager if you have these qualities.

But if you are this savvy, you probably haven't gotten there thinking you know everything. You understand that even the best of us need help now and then. And that sometimes (maybe occasionally) we make a misstep in our programming or set-up.

Or maybe you haven't even made a miscalculation, and you're looking for reassurance, a supportive person to tell you you have set your programming up correctly. Such reassurance can give you confidence.

Yes, Cote Media can help you.

How so?

Cote Media runs workshops of various sizes for anyone who wants to manage their own Facebook Instagram Business Manager. The response to these workshops is overwhelmingly positive. Take this review for example:

“This class is game-changing!! Thought provoking, inspiring, and exciting, so much inside knowledge I had no idea about before! I learned how to use new tools for better content, how to use tools I had and didn’t know were there-how to use the tools to make the fun side of social media work for business and attract the people you want! Russ has such fun, down to earth and hilarious energy-love him, love the class, love the time spent. Thank you so much!” - A. Horsewood.

Or this one . . .

"Nobody is more passionate about this topic than Russ...buckle up, take his class, and watch your ROI soar." - Shawn R.

Which type of workshop is right for you depends on your experience with the Business Manager. If you're a beginner, you should probably start with our Beginner Workshop. We then have a more experienced Workshop for those who are more knowledgeable. But we will assess that before signing you up for either! 

We also organize small and large group workshops for entire organizations. This is a good option for teams and businesses who want several members of their staff to contribute to their online advertising strategy. Depending on the size of your group, you can come to us, or we bring the workshop to you! 

If you are inclined to manage your own Facebook Instagram Business Manager, look no further. Call Cote Media today at 732-747-4300.

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