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January 18, 2020
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When advertisers publish videos or embed them in ads, those videos can be viewed in a number of different locations, mainly: Followers, Shares, Recommendations, and Paid. With statistics for video views so important to understanding the impact of your campaigns, creators have been requesting more in-depth details on which sources get the most video views. As of January 8th, Facebook is now responding by rolling out more video statistics.

From Facebook's Announcement:

We've launched new video insights, called Traffic Source Insights, in Creator Studio's Retention Insights surface so you can see how much watch time your videos are generating from each of these sources. Note: like all insights products, Traffic Source Insights will roll out to 100% of our user base over the next few months, so if you don't have access at the time of publication, don't worry, you'll have it soon!

In coordination with this launch, Facebook has released a series of tips on how to use these statistics to improve your page. The core of their recommendations include:

  • Build your home base by optimizing for Followers
  • Get discovered by optimizing for Shares
  • Get featured by optimizing for Recommendations

You can find even more recommendations on each of these goals by visiting the new Facebook Blog post on this launch:

There you will discover to-do's and what not to do in a variety of scenarios on Facebook. Plus you can also find directions to specific pages in Facebook's library of creator resources that can help with video production quality and strategy.

Once you learn who is valuing your content and where you can dive even deeper into these insights to optimize your account in the Audience Insights page. In Audience Insights, you can learn on what other pages your followers are engaging and how successfully.

Once you gain more knowledge on the pages your followers are also engaged with, you can use their successful content to help guide your production quality. Likewise, if your followers are not engaging with your video content, you can see what other brands are doing differently to engage successfully with their followers.

In your Audience Insights -- -- try discovering insights on people connected to your brand's pages NOT what people, in general, are following. Get inspiration from the videos they like and comment on. Of course, be original! Don't copy or duplicate. But maybe even the quality of your videos might be what is detracting from your brand! Or perhaps your competitors are using captions. It might be as simple as that!

The new Video Insights combined with the Audience Insights Manage has a robust set of features and tools to help improve your content. 

Need help understanding and using these statistics? Contact Cote Media today!

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