Part One: Is Your Facebook Pixel Missing?

February 17, 2020
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No one likes to learn that something is "missing" from something they own. Hearing that something is missing from your website spurs most business owners to immediate action, especially if their competition has what they don't. It's not easy learning that your website is missing the Facebook Pixel, but it's crucial to know the hard truth right away before any further omissions are made.

Why do you need to know and take the pixel seriously?

Most organizations are using social media advertising as a combination of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and other platforms. They hire social media experts who are trained to design stunning and eye-catching posts. Most businesses don't hesitate to splurge on photos, videos, or personnel for social media.

They also tend to ask their personnel to appear on their social media pages, casting their account managers, salespeople, and other employees in their social media storytelling. It's all in the interest of engagement nowadays.

Needless to say, all of these efforts cost both time and money. Employees spend massive amounts of time these days planning social media ideas that might impress the manager or boss, even when they are not asked to do so. Posting on social media is becoming instinctual for most businesses and their staff, as they pose everything from their birthday cakes to each other for Instagram and Facebook.

Then businesses "boost" posts and run ads, feeling that the system is easy for anyone to learn. We have heard countless times from organizations that they thought it was simple and they were doing it right. When we show them how it really works at our workshops, owners typically are first worried then thrilled that they realized what they were doing wrong before their situation got much worse.

All this is for naught however if you're missing the Facebook Pixel on your website. 

It's scary when business owners realize they have been spending a tremendous amount of time and money on Facebook and Instagram and much of it may have been wasteful spending.

How so?

Without the pixel, you're throwing a net randomly in the water believing you'll pull it out teeming with fresh fish.

Some businesses throw their net out on Facebook and Instagram for months or even years like this until we tell them about the pixel:

What if we could tell you the exact coordinates in the ocean and the exact time on the exact day when you should throw your net? That's what the pixel can be like, we explain.

They begin to understand how they have been wasting their time. 

Another thing usually happens after we explain. Business owners get excited and more optimistic. They start feeling less frustrated and "stuck" in unhealthy marketing patterns. 

They feel "unstuck" after we explain the pixel. Business owners are ready to start launching new campaigns.

And when those campaigns are successful, they start feeling revitalized with their strategies. It's not easy to get over the first few hurdles and recognize something is missing and take action for some managers. But once owners start taking action and being more focused with their campaigns, they begin seeing results.

If your Facebook Pixel is missing from your website, it's time to take stock of your marketing efforts.

It might also be time to push pause on any advertising campaigns you are currently running. They may be wasteful spending.

Don't waste your time and your money. Start running the pixel on your site and start seeing results.

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