Valentine's Day Social Media Tips

February 4, 2020
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It’s almost Valentine’s Day! And are you still unsure what to do on your social media accounts for your business?

Valentine's Day can be a tricky holiday!


There are so many sensitivities that businesses should be cognizant of! And businesses don't want to alienate customers!

What could be the problem?

Plenty of things!

For example, someone enduring a traumatic divorce or break up could feel alienated if you offer a "couples" discount. Then, of course, there are diversity and LGBTQ issues. Some people don't want their romantic status to impact their interactions with businesses, but some people very much do!

There's also the definition of "love." It's not just about couples for some people! People love their children, parents, grandparents, cousins, and more! Who's to say someone doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day with their mom or grandmother!

Also, people love their pets. Some people choose to be with their pets for Valentine's Day. You never know.

When thinking about your Valentine's Day advertising, if you don't clearly offer romantic products (like lingerie, jewelry, flowers, or chocolate), taking on Valentine's promotions can be tricky territory.

But not to worry. We have combined a list of tips for Valentine's day marketing on social media for you. And if you need help managing your accounts, don't forget to reach out to us at Cote Media.

Here are some fun ideas we found for you from the best social media tipsters around!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

✔️ Think outside just “romantic” love! Don’t forget people’s love for their family, pets, and even food! Love on Valentine’s Day is about more than just romantic partners! Think about what your audience might also love!

✔️ Use appropriate hashtags! Don’t forget to hashtag properly with local and broader holiday tags.

✔️Think funny! Valentine’s Day can be a tough one for some people, using humor can lighten the day for your audience!

✔️ Try “two for one” deals! People are partnering up for the holiday. Why not offer them a deal!⠀⠀⠀⠀

✔️ Share your love by giving away something! It doesn't have to be romantic! Offer a friends and family limited time discount or a BOGO! Anything will be sweet, maybe even a free chocolate bar for people who stop by in February!

✔️ Throw a contest! Still not sure what your audience loves? Ask them! Ask them to caption a photo online or post a photo with what they love about your business! If you're unsure, ask! (And don't forget to offer them a reward!)

✔️Be ironic! Everyone's expecting a post about love, but why not post something about a break up? It's attention grabbing and different! Not everyone will be in love this holiday, and it's important to show you understand and sympathize!

✔️ Partner with a romantic business! Is the business next door a chocolate shop? Ask them if they want to partner on a neighborhood sale!

✔️ Provide a how-to that's Valentine's Day related! Do you sell crafts at your business? Why not share a post on how to create a Valentine's Day album or memento?

✔️ Create a Valentine's Day Gift Guide! Help your customers choose the perfect gift!

✔️Combine your prom with Mardi Gras! This year the holiday is the day before Valentine's Day. Is there a clever way your business can combine the two?

✔️ Offer advice! If you are a restaurant, offer your customers tips on how to pick and pair the perfect bottle of wine!

✔️ Send seasonal emails! Don't forget email marketing. Make sure to send your lists a kind and encouraging valentine!

✔️ Show your love . . . to a local charity! Make your local animal shelter or another charity your valentine this year and invite your followers to share the love as well. Why not donate 10% or more from all of your Valentine's Day sales to charity?

✔️Put products together that match for the holiday! Do some matchmaking, with your services or products! 

✔️ Create a Valentine's Day event, and don't forget to add it to Facebook!

Good luck sharing the love this holiday! And happy Valentine's Day from all of us at Cote Media!

Don't fret if you need marketing assistance for Valentine's Day! Looking for help with your social media? Message us today!

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