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Happy Dance

We love to be right. Have we mentioned that? (Yeah… we have. Quite a bit, actually.) It makes us do a little happy dance. But you see, we don’t love to be right because we’re narcissistic jerks or anything. (Er… well… maybe a little.) We just love it when data reaffirms what we’ve been telling you all along.

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CIRCLES: What’s the big deal?

Not these circles. These are “dream circles”.Circles, circles, circles… Everybody’s talking about circles and writing about circles. We’re starting to see circles in our dreams. (OK… not in our dreams. But since we can’t mention what we’re actually dreaming about here, it might as well be circles. Right? Right. Circles, then…)

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More pieces of the puzzle

There are a lot of pieces of the social/shopping puzzle, and you need to look at all of them to figure out the big picture. You know by now that your customers are on social media. And they’re talking. New studies show that not only are people talking about brands, but their friends and acquaintances are listening… and reacting to what they hear.

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Starting all over again…

Did you ever wish you could go back in time, knowing everything you know now, and start again? Of course you have. Everyone has thought about it. Well, when it comes to social media, we”re all going to have that chance.

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