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Survey Says! Social Media Positively Impacts Small Business SEO

We love data. Data makes the world go ’round as far as we’re concerned here. You could listen to a thousand marketers give you a thousand reasons why you should pay them to do your SEO and New Media marketing and all of it could be complete bunk at the end of the day. But show a small business owner the numbers and they’re more likely to take you seriously. recently heralded a survey study conducted by Marketing Sherpa that found the following:

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Ladies Love Cool Poo

As much as the original from whom we’ve hoisted the name? We leave that for you to decide: Poo Monkey met this lovely and fun group of ladies on a bachelorette party while enjoying the terrific Cheese & Wine 101 class at the Artisanal Cheese Center on W. 10th St. in Manhattan. We can’t say […]

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Facebook and the “Tao of Cross-Pollination”

From the ‘oh do you think so Doctor?‘ file, the WSJ trumpeted the report we highlighted here a few weeks back. But the ‘teachable moment’ from this report comes not in recognizing the obvious point that Facebook is the most widely-used platform for New Media marketing, but in understanding that the ages-old truism of not putting your eggs all in one basket applies equally to this specialized genre:

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“Old-School” Marketing Rules Still Apply

We call it “Classic” brand marketing around here, but the idea is the same. We agree and I personally haven’t seen anyone argue to the contrary. The only difference that I see between classic market research and new media research is that with the latter we now have the ability to instantaneously determine what your online consumers think and want from your product.

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