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Melding your Real and Virtual World Marketing

While the theory may not have worked out all that well for Gabriel Byrne and Kim Basinger in “Cool World”, syncing your classic marketing with your new media marketing is an increasingly important tool in your arsenal. We preach the fact that “old” media is in a steep and steady decline and yet we would be remiss not to recognize that a substantial percentage of people still get their news and views from television, radio and print media.

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Have You Bought a Magazine Today?

If you’re one of the three people reading this then no, you probably haven’t. We haven’t either. We’re not trying to specifically knock the magazine industry, but rather we only point out that this battle, for the immediate future, has a pretty clear winner:

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Is your new media working for you?

That’s the question isn’t it. According to a new report from the founder of, the results are a mixed bag: While 90 percent of marketers now say that social media-related marketing is important for their business, nearly 25 percent are still in the dark when it comes to measuring its effect, according to the third annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report from Michael A. Stelzner, founder of

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